Take Advantage Of Mobile – Read These 21 Tips

Take Advantage Of Mobile

Do you have smartphone? Which you have? If you don’t know how to take advantage of mobile check out the below 10 tips.

Which can help you to know about your hand phone. Communication


Most people in the world use mobile phone for communication with Family, Friends, co-workers and indeed. We can be on hand for the caller at all times and used in any place where our phone received a signal. Many people don’t use smart phone they use cell phone for communications only.

Mobile phone fit into your pocket or bag and its don’t weight much you can carry any where and its very easy to use event if you have taken first time if you don’t know how to operate it.

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Take Advantage Of Mobile

You don’t have a camera your own?

If you have smartphone than you don’t need you own a camera, because your smartphone companies provide best a camera, you can take your best moment save in your storage or share them on Bluetooth, via mail, or messaging or you can share on social media on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and so on.

Many smartphones also offer extra features where you can edit photos and make it as you like.

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Take Advantage Of Mobile

Almost all phones capable to video recording. Today many videos captured on mobile and make clips share on all social media, via mail.Texting


Texting knows as text massaging people use with short written massages. Phone used SMS technology, allowing the sending of letter, symbols and numbers but more sending recently.

MMS technology has allowed to sending such as Photos, Videos, a text is a great way to send someone instant messages. Many people like to read their text messages instead of an email and others.

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Self- Expression

Choose which model of phone you want to carry, customizing thing like the ringtone or buying best phone cover that all means become self-expression for mobile phone owners and you are informing others what you are and how reach you areN


Whether you want to make shopping list, an important password or if you don’t want to carry notebook to note down that would be difficult to memorize you can easily write in your phone notebook.

Phone notebook is very easy to take notes such as mobile number, name, or address or any other important things.R


Reminder also use for remember thing which you want to remember later. You can take notes or reminder that can help you to remember things which you very difficult to remember.

Today many apps and google also provide google voice to remember your work.

Expt: If you kept your keys in first drawer and you don’t remember that you can tell google to remember that “keys are in first drawer


You have smartphone? There is no reason to get bored.

There are multiple options are available in your mobile such as Videos on YouTube, Content, Images Social sharing or you can download games from google play to play, music, radio and more you can do to pass time.


If you have smartphone than you don’t need to go to bank you can excess your all banking from your mobile phones.

Phone banking are very excellent way to organize your finances such as bank balance checking, transfer money, pay bills, book movie ticket all with just few clicks.

There many banks provide Phone Banking through Apps.

You don’t need to open you Laptop or PC to check your  stocks market shares you can excess these all from your phone.

You can buy or sell your shares from your smartphone with just one click.


Mobile phones are great devices for organization for a busy schedule. Mobile will alert you when you have doctor appointment or your loves birthday and its help you to organize your daily work and personal schedule.

Calendar help you to make schedule your office work, leave schedule and more. M

Maps- Travel

Want to go somewher and you don’t know there way to go what you will do?

Its not easy to find right way since phones started “GPS” from you to your destinations.

Whether you driving, walking or cycling we get live update on your location roadwork, traffic, time to reach on that place.

You can use your phone to get nearby information such as gas stations, restaurant, hotels, bus station or metro/railway stations.

If you have booked your ticket from your phone than you can save your ticker in your phone and display ticket when you travel.

Phone Book

Phone book is very best to save your contact details for your family, friends or office and so on.

Its very easy to access your contact details where you can save address, phone number  and more information about phone number owners.

There is no reason to forget or lose email address, office address, property address or contact details. You can save your phone book online. So, that if your phone lost or breaks still you can access from other devices.


In case you have emergencies such as an accident, injury, criminal incident or other emergency, your phone has emergency services, as well as you can contact to your family, friends.

Can be contacted immediately.

 Phone for children that parent want to know where children are all time coming in home, class or collage.


Mobile phone is best device for managers to know status about worker.

When traveling between location or communicate with colleagues and clients when working from home.A

Alarm Clock

 Today many people use mobile phone instead of clock to awaken them each morning or they remind them of an action they need to take time or want to sleep some time.

You can set your time or you want some remember at morning you can keep you alarm clock on reminder. So, that can ring on that time and you remember why you have set thins alarm.

May you release that work you have to do that time.


Your mobile phone allows you to check time whenever you want to check. Many people use mobile phone watch instead of hand watch to check time..


You have calculator 24/7 with you. When you are working or outside calculator is very useful device in your smartphone. You don’t need to do manual calculation to adding your bills.

Today no one is using traditional calculators.

P.S  let me know which calculator your using


Torch is very useful functions of mobile which you can use in dark.

If you have lost something important in dark such as keys or you cannot see anything in dark mobile torch is very help full.

New /Sports

News and Sport are available on mobile which you can see live on internet. There are many apps are in market which are provide news notifications and videos.

Also, people capture phone or video and share on WhatsApp or Facebook which become news broadcast.


Your mobile phone is biggest reference library in your hand everywhere you go it’s come with you.

Just search click on internet anything you want to in few clicks.

Anything you can research such as a foreign language, restaurant nearby you, market stock price or you need any information your phone helps you lots.T

Ticket Booking

I don’t use my laptop or computer to book my air ticket or train ticket because my smart phone have all these facility to book my ticket from mobile devices which is very easy to present ticket checker as well.  

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