How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop and Windows 10 in 2019

You are reading this article because you have Asus Laptop or Tablet, right? Now you are looking for How to take a screenshot on Asus Laptop, smartphone or Tablet?

Screenshot on Asus Laptop

If you have Laptop of Asus that means you have some information about this brand, however, I would like share some more information about this Asus.

Asus is the fifth largest multinational company its main products like Laptop, PC, notebook, tablets and so on.

When we use these Asus products we are often take a screenshot of theme to share with friends and save information.

if you are working in office many times you have face problems on your device and you want to share what exactly on your device screen with IT team or who will help you to resolve that issue.

You are master in games and you want share your game score with friends you can take screenshot and share with him or her.

Screenshot is very help full to take information from internet and save in your laptop or PC.

In this article I will provide a Step-by-step guide on how to screenshot on Asus Laptop, PC, Tablet and smartphone.

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How to screenshot on laptop windows 10

You may have heard that there is a free way to capture screenshot from windows. Yes, it is very easy to takes screenshot simple press the “PrtSc” or “print screen” keys on your keyboard, this key located at the top right of the keyboard.

If you want capture screen which your active scree instead of all full screen than press Win+PrtSc” keys depending on your computer’s keyboard. On windows 10 you can just take screenshot that automatically save in your device or you can past any very you want in word file, mail or save in device

But if you are using windows 7 than screenshot not save automatically you need to press any above button than save in Paint or Word file than save in your device.

Note:  this is not always work properly because many users not file such folder in Image library. So, avoid more confusion, it’s better to use third party screenshot tool.   

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Mobile and Tablet Screenshot

Asus has series of Smartphone and tablets which run Android OS. to take screenshot from smartphone just press the “Power + Volume down” buttons at the same time, keep pressing for 2-5 seconds, then flash on screen is the signal telling you that the screenshot is taken than you can find it in the “Screenshots” folder in the Gallery app.

Some people may find very hard it to take screenshot by pressing the power + volume down button. Or some people want more functions like image editing, sharing options.  For thus people solutions is  use third party screenshot app which are many apps available in Google Play Shore.

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Follow the above steps to take screenshot on Asus devices, including PC, Laptops, Tablet and smartphones. There is no features like sharing buttons or editing options, therefore use third party applications which will make screenshot more perfect.

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