Google Play Store App – Top 10 Check out in 2019

Google Play Store App

You don’t know which Apps are us full for your smartphone. check out the below article. I am trying to tall you best and most popular Google Play Store App.

1) Video Calling App- Google Duo

Why the Google duo is the best video calling apps?
Google duo is better than WhatsApp and Facebook video calling, very good clarity and voice. Google provide use instructions with download Button. Google has many apps such as hangouts.

This app allows you to see who is calling with his/her phone number before you answered the call.
Google duo is available in Google play store for Android and iOS only it’s not available for other versions.
Your video call is private, very private such as Google don’t know what you are talking with your caller. because Google says it is the delivery end to end encryption with Google duo.
This type of encryption closest you to get total privacy when it comes to communicating or online
For instructions for how to use or how to optimize read this article

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2) File Sharing App- SHAREit

Share it is One more app is very useful for file sharing also you can share music, songs, movies, apps.
As per the Google play store, more than 500 Million people have downloaded as of now. This is also available in Android and iOS phones.

PC app is available for SHAREit. You can easily scan the code and share what you want.

For instructions for how to use or how to optimize read this article

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3.Video player app – MX player.

There are many media player but only a few apps give you a high video which is MX player one of theme most popular. These apps download more than 5 Million users
Good thing in this app you can use it online and offline both way.
MX Player is very popular that’s why this app is available in PC also.
You can use in any platform such as Android, Mac, iOS, window etc.

4) App – Google Play Music.

My favourite music app is Google play music this app allow you to play online and offline songs all songs available on this app.
Just search my song name or singers name it shows on the top list. One thing is there-there is no free songs you need to pay for songs. If you don’t want to paid songs you can play songs when you are online.
For instructions for how to use or how to optimize read this article.

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Google Play Store App

5) Phone no trackers. – trucaller

This name is already trucaller because this app helps us to get details of the caller. When you receive a call from an unknown number you can see his/her name call is coming from which city.
If the call is snap these apps show you this call is spam.
This app show caller SIM is registered on whose name and which operating company. Trucaller provides free service which helps you to send your contact number to your friends r who searching your number.
any various people calling you with spam offer? Trucaller block theme and when many call you received trucaller show you list of theme with rad colour contact card.

For instructions for how to use or how to optimize read this article

6) Spam cleaner – clean master

This app helps you to keep your phone safe from clean from virus. Clean Master also free up space and RAM to improve your phone speed

Clean Master is clean junk file, unwanted files virus but you don’t need to use any cleaner apps for improving your RAM space because Android has won operating system for RAM so don’t need to use any clean app for RAM.

For instructions for how to use or how to optimize read this article

7) Greenify

Greenify apps are for a battery Lifesaver, have you download many apps in your phone? these apps allow using the battery which app is open or working so your battery can run for a long time.

This app is totally free in Google play store for Android phones. It’s very easy to set up for automatically save battery.
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8) Data collection – pocket

Pocket founded in 2007 to help people to save good article, links and videos. The pocket app has downloaded more than 10 million people.
This app allows you to save any article, post, links, video or links.
You can excess save articles online or offline whenever you want open.
Pocket apps are available for Android and iOS. Its free service.
For instructions for how to use or how to optimize read this article

9) Ringtones maker- ringtones maker-pro.

Which ringtone have you sett for your call and Alarm? Ringtones maker pro is the best audio editor. This apps is totally free and very easy to edit MP3 and make ringtones as you wish.
There are some apps is free and paid. In paid apps, you will get some extra plugin to make ringtones.
This is the best app for set ringtones easily set your favourite music to ringtone. you can create the file in music ringtone and store in “Ringtones Contact” folder download the app now and enjoy

For instructions for how to use or how to optimize read this article

10) Scan documents – CamScanner.

Cam scanner is the best app for scan documents from your Android phone, this app is totally free. Also, you can store the document and share with others. When you out of office that time you don’t have a scanner available with you just open your camera and scan documents, business card, whiteboard and save or share.
This app downloads more than 350 million devices. You can share PDF or JPEG fils. download today and grow your business with scan copy or soft copy.

For instructions for how to use or how to optimize read this article


Do you know many apps make slow to your Android system? In market thousands of apps available in the market but all is not good. Many people download unwanted apps on phone but that makes your phone slow and put virus than your phone can be slow. So just download apps which are necessary to use your phone or help to use.
Have you downloaded a good app? Which I have not me

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